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Review: Clementine

Contrastingly familiar cuisine set in an intimate atmosphere.

Celmentine – Four Whistle Moulard Duck

Overall: 8.5/10

Service: 8.5/10

Quality: 8.5/10

Atmosphere: 8/10

Decor: 8.5/10

If you’re looking for a trendy intimate place to dine, then Clementine has you set. This small restaurant (36 seats), mysteriously located just in front of the Pearl Tower, will have you searching for its front door. It's almost as if Clementine wishes to lure you into its dark, sexy, Art Nouveau themed bar, which will certainly take you back to the 1920’s, as it resembles speakeasy’s of the past. Bartenders don brown aprons, as they mix thoughtful emotive cocktails, while the bar behind them is well armed with liquor. The atmosphere is quintessential of small intimate gatherings, as couples chat over signature cocktails and unique familiar dishes.

The Food

Now that I've laid the stage for you, let’s get to the important part, the food! The menu is small but mighty. Plates are meant to be shared, so it'd best to order a few. It was recommended that we order a few appetizers, followed by a couple of small plates. Some of the most memorable dishes of the night were the Crispy Potato's ($10) and of course, the award winning Four Whistle Moulard Duck ($25)—the Asian inspired dish was made all the better with a runny duck egg (I’ll take a runny yoke any time of day!). You can tell that each dish was devoted to giving you a pleasurable experience, as there was balance between sweet, spicy, salty and sour. Also in high regard by the staff, were the Stuffed Aveyron Pancakes ($16) —so I’d give those a try next time!

The Drinks

Clementine – Liquor Prescription Cocktail

Clementine is a place for cocktails. With a substantial drink menu and featured cocktail list, I'm certain you'll be able to find something that suits your mood. If you want a fun cocktail, try the Doctor ($15), a masculine drink that arrives with it's very own Liquor Prescription. There's even an Absinthe list if that interests you as well.


Overall, if you're looking for an intimate evening, where you can get dressed up, enjoy quality food, a great cocktail, and a private conversation, then Clementine is for you! Just make sure to bring your wallet, "cuz is expensive!"

Other dining notes:

  • Reservations welcomed–yay!

  • It's pricey and the dishes are very small. If I remember correctly, two cocktails and three small plates probably ran us about $110. I left feeling satisfied but for those who can eat a lot, I'd suggest a snack before hand or bring more cash and order more lol

  • Be prepared to smell like Clementine... maybe it just happened to be the evening that I was there, but it was very greasy smelling.

If you have recommendations of places I must try. Leave me a comment below!

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