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Part 1: Welcome to Lafaci Eats!

So, you’ve stumbled across Lafaci Eats-welcome! You’re probably wondering who is Lafaci, how do I pronounce Lafaci (more on that later), and what does this girl know about food? Well, that’s a great question. One I’ve asked myself many times before, because honestly, what do I know about food? I’m not a chef, I haven’t spent time in culinary school, I’ve never even taken cooking lessons. When I asked that question at a dinner party one time, my friend amusingly responded with “Well, do you eat?". Good point. I do eat. I enjoy eating. I enjoy eating out. And I enjoy making my own meals (most of the time). If that’s enough accreditation to allow me to critique food, then I’m going to take it! Because honestly, we all eat. Some of us eat to live, others live to eat. I’m on the latter side, and I’d like to share my culinary adventures with you. So welcome to Lafaci Eats, an open, honest, authentic, place for dining reviews, a few recipes, and a whole lotta love for food!

Lafaci Eats: Quails Gate Vineyard
Quails Gate Vineyard–Kelowna

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